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Louisville Soccer is a non-profit organization that fosters a love for the sport of soccer and develops athletes of all ages by facilitating physical and mental growth and by bringing each player to their peak individual potential in a team atmosphere. Louisville Soccer's diverse and highly qualified coaching staff welcomes players of all races, cultures, and economic backgrounds to one of Louisville's most dedicated athletic clubs. Louisville Soccer is about PLAYER DEVELOPMENT and we will do all we can to help anyone who wants to play the game we all love.

Coaches Mission

Our “coaching” mission at LSA/LSC shall be to provide a teaching plan that allows our players to become free thinkers and decision makers and to become great players through the process of creating the perfect game.

Coaching Philosophy

Our Coaching Philosophy was developed many years ago when I met a man that I later realized was one of my greatest teachers. I always considered him my mentor in the business world but I later realized what a truly great educator he was. Whenever I approached him with a question or to inquire about an issue that needed to be addressed he would always pause and formulate a question that would then, cause me to come up with the correct answer. This process was sometimes cumbersome but it always insured that I understood “why” not just “how”.
It is very important to understand how and why we get to the conclusion in many things that we do in our lives. Soccer is one of those areas that require that we understand “why” and “how” rather then just working on a result.
It is with this thinking that we should develop our teaching plans and it is with this thinking that we should answer the questions of our young players. Our players must learn to think on their own and to make proper decisions on the field without constant interruption and direction from coaches and other interference's.
Does a coach create a great player or does the coach allow a player to become great? This is a question posed on the website It caused me to question our coaching mission at LSA/LSC and to publish this message. The website goes on to suggest that if a coach teaches a player everything that he knows that player will only be as good as their teacher. What good have we done? It is important that we continually challenge the players to become more then we are and to learn to achieve more.
We must be motivators as well as coaches. We must teach technique and allow the tactics to be self learned. Tactics should include simple ideas such as overlapping runs and dropping for cover that insure that the team is always attacking while always defending. If our players understand that concept and are able to process information properly then the game will be the teacher and we have created the "perfect" game.

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