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What is TOPSoccer?

  • TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based soccer program that is designed to meet the needs of children with physical and/or mental disabilities. Player participation and development are key elements of the program as players are placed on teams according to ability and NOT by age. TOPSoccer is designed to improve the overall fitness, self-esteem and social skills of your child.

Why Do We Need TOPSoccer?

  • TOPSoccer was formed to perpetuate the US Youth Soccer mission statement which is, in part, “to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America’s youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.” There are thousands of children with disabilities who need, and can be provided with, the opportunity to play soccer through the TOPSoccer program.

TOPSoccer has three major Goals:

  • These athletes will have FUN. "FUN" is universal and all athletes should have FUN.
  • These athletes will always feel good about themselves, improve self-esteem, fitness and social skills.
  • The athletes will have the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging to a community and learn the value of being part of a team.

Printable Flyer

TOPSoccer programs are entirely dependent upon the power provided by volunteers. Volunteering brings more awareness and understanding to the special needs community. You can even receive community service hours by helping out a TOPSoccer program. But beyond the service hours, TOPSoccer is an opportunity to give your best by making a difference. It could be assisting on the pitch with soccer skills or just being a friend and cheerleader. Students can earn required community service hours through volunteering in the TOPSoccer program.

Forms and Links

For more information on our program or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Gemma Dattilo by email at or by phone at (502) 479-3344.

Community Outreach

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