Inclement Weather Safety and Planning

Practices/ Games

LSA as a general rule does not cancel practices or games until the actual time of the practice. There is no reason to contact your coach or club officials prior to going to the site.

Kentucky weather varies greatly and while it may be raining on Southern Middle School the sun may be out at Dutchman’s Lane. And likewise, while we may have a thunderstorm at 5:30 the sun may be back out at 6:05. Practices should continue and our players should learn to deal with varying weather conditions as may be required in games.

The final decision regarding cancellation of practices shall rest with the coach. It is club policy to get kids off of the field immediately after seeing the first signs of lightening or damaging winds. You should never bring the kids back to the field until it is very apparent that the threat of severe weather has passed.

In order to protect the kids from severe weather have a plan in mind that will protect all kids. If there are adequate numbers of parents waiting in cars the kids can get in the cars and await a ride or the end of practice. If there is no room for all the kids in cars be sure to have a safe place to retire to near your practice facility. Make sure that the team parents know where the kids will be in the event of bad weather. Following are some suggestions for our fields:

  • LSA Field at Dutchman’s Lane

  • Louisville Soccer Field at Dutchman’s Lane has no real safe area of its own, but we do have permission to go into the covered stairwell (emergency exit) at the end of the Twinbrook Apartments or into the front stairs of the former daycare across the street. The large apartment building offers the greatest protection.

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